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Berlin has been a cultural metropolis of Europe for many years, with currently more than 30 million visitors from all over the world every year, a thriving startup and artistic scene, and enormous economic development potential for the future. Premium Property Holding – a real estate investment and private equity firm – is passionate about identifying and jumping on these opportunities early on and based on extensive analysis. We realize extraordinary projects in order to achieve an individual increase in value thanks to a sustainable investment strategy. Together with our professional partners and a specialized team of experienced experts, we stand for excellence in acquisition and development of first-class and promising properties both in the German capital and at other interesting locations across Germany.



In accordance with our investment strategies, we guide the entire investment process: from market analysis to the concrete identification of property and investor-specific investment opportunities to active planning and construction, as well as completion and subsequent asset management and, where appropriate, sale of the acquired properties.

The Team

Dimitri Barinstein Managing partner

Jakov Dolgoj Partners

Axel Ritter General Manager

Karsten Schwenke Project development

Sascha Welke Engineer/Technical director

Alexej Kähm Construction manager

Anastasia Berger Finances/Accounting

Nicole Lemke Assistant to the general management

Claudia Esho Office management

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