“Strong financial partners, local expertise, and long-term investment goals characterize our
work at Premium Property Holding. To respond properly in a fast moving market, we combine dynamic and entrepreneurial action with the highest degree of integrity.”



“Berlin’s potential as a magnet for tourism is uncontested. Therefore, our impressive portfolio of hotel properties not only benefits from our exclusive partnership with the Novum Hospitality Group, but also from our expertise in terms of acquisition and value optimization.”

With the Novum Select Hotel Berlin Spiegelturm, the Novum Hotel City B, the Novum Hotel Franke, and the Novum Airport Hotel Mariella, we boast an attractive portfolio which, thanks to the management of the Novum Hotel Group and our extensive experience in the development of value-added properties, forms a solid foundation for our further growth. At each of the properties, our goal is to put visions into action and to contribute to the future of the city. In order to achieve this, we bring flexibility and a passion for decision-making into daily action all the while keeping an eye on our long-term investment horizon.



“We go after Berlin’s hidden treasures and other cities and put them in the right light – with a view to the special and a sense of long-term potential.”

With our selected projects, we’re helping to shape the capital city’s urban future. Our range of expertise covers the entire breadth of challenges that a wide-ranging market holds. Whether they’re financial, legal, engineering, or architectural issues, we are able to provide the whole package of expertise that allows ambitious projects to be implemented and grow with our progressive thinking. Many years of market knowledge and a strategic analysis of economic and technical feasibility ensure long-term success – not least thanks to our partner BEWOCON, which ensures professional marketing for the best possible positioning in sales & marketing.



“For our team, a project is perfect if we can work optimally throughout the process of adding value to a property. We put theory into practice and work on the steady expansion of our portfolio.”

Integrity and a sense of responsibility meet entrepreneurially determined action – that is our view when investing in existing properties. We work in a structured and ambitious fashion, with a view to aesthetics and functionality to continuously increasing the value of our real estate. Open communication with our partners and short decision-making processes help us to combine economic success and the satisfaction of all involved. Of course, we follow the industry’s best practice standards and practice due diligence and control mechanisms at every stage of an investment.